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    Opp. Bata, Exhibition Road,
    Patna. Contact numbers : 8789925258, 8789460655, 6200183647
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    Mission 1.6 KM
    Emarat-E-Sharia (Gonpura) Opp.
    Basic School Opp.
    Raja High School 2.9 KM
    Phulwari Thana 6.5 KM
    Emarat-E-Sharia (Phulwari) 7 KM
    Airport 8.5 KM
    Phulwari Railway Station 8.5 KM
    Danapur Railway Station 6 KM
    AIIMS 4.5 KM
    Walmi 5.3 KM
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    Janipur 3.1 KM
    One of the very popular courses among students is a degree in education, popularly known as B.Ed (Bachelors of Education). This course is undertaken by those who intend to pursue a career in teaching in schools and other institutions of the same kind. The duration of the course is one year and to join this course a degree in graduation is a must. A few basic degree are B.Com, B.A, B.Sc. The marks should be above 55% and the degree should be done from any recognized university. Any head of an institution like the school is a B.Ed degree holder. After this degree a person can secure a job in any of the schools. After bachelors in education one can do masters in the same. The capital of Bihar has no dearth of B.Ed colleges, every corner of the state does have a good college. They have a one year course and they at least require a graduation degree. We hold a very positive reputation in B.Ed courses. The duration in all these colleges is one year, however all the courses do have advanced degrees after them. There is an entrance test to get admission . Topics for the exam are general knowledge and current affairs, so whenever you are preparing for an entrance exam do be updated on newspapers and listen to the national news, as a lot is covered in them. There is another paper on English subject, for which one must brush up there basic grammar skills as well as skills in writing and reading. Another paper is on aptitude, which is a test measure to see how well the person can teach. These questions are basically objective in nature and are in the form of multiple choice questions. If one finds preparation for these exams is difficult then there are coaching's also available. The coaching for these entrance exams makes the exam very liberal and easy, they are not for a very long duration as well, however these can be done by oneself. There are various help books and reference books available in the market. For the general knowledge paper the year book is also of great help. There are compulsory papers on any two subjects chosen by the candidate in which he or she intends to teach.
    Total Course Fee (for 2 Years) : 1,50,000
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